Hungry Jack® Potato Pancake

Hungry Jack Potato Pancakes are made with 100% real potatoes. Preparation is easy, just add one egg and water, let sit for 10 minutes and pan fry. Few ingredients and quick preparation make Potato Pancakes a wholesome addition to any meal.

Potato Pancakes

A go-to, golden brown, easy
side for any meal.

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  • Use as a side dish with chicken, cold cuts, sausage,
    burgers, roast pork or any meat and gravy
  • Serve with sour cream and applesauce for a light lunch or snack.
  • Use as a breakfast side along with fresh fruit or berries.
  • Add garlic powder and ketchup atop warm potato pancakes.
  • Top with a cooked sausage patty, an egg and a splash of
    Hungry Jack Original Syrup for a fresh take on a breakfast sandwich.
  • Add shredded cheese to the mix for a cheesy potato pancake
  • Top with goat cheese, sliced pears, and a drizzle of honey for a light snack or lunch side.
  • Add roasted garlic and red pepper for a kick.
  • Top with a sliced hard boiled egg, mayo, mustard and fresh chives for a quick and light lunch.