Hungry Jack® Hashbrown Potatoes

Made with 100% Idaho® Potatoes, they’ll always deliver restaurant-quality hashbrowns in minutes, which makes them perfect for breakfast, camping, dinner, or a late night snack.

NEW! Black Pepper and Onion Hashbrown

A little sweet and a little spicy, your favorite Hungry Jack Premium Hashbrowns just kicked up the flavor—try our new Black Pepper & Onion hashbrowns.

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Original Hashbrowns

Original, dependable, versatile, these are perfect pantry staple.

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Cheesy Hashbrowns

Your favorite Hungry Jack Premium Hashbrowns are now available in Cheesy and Black Pepper & Onion, making them extra delicious.

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Quick and easy preparation for a meal in minutes.
Here are a few ways to spruce up your browns:

  • Add some heat with jalapeños, a little splash of hot sauce
    or cayenne pepper.
  • Extra crispy hashbrowns are great at dinner topped on your hamburger—don’t forget the ketchup!
  • Roll your breakfast fixin’s—eggs, bacon, and Hungry Jack Hashbrowns—in a tortilla for a no-mess meal
    on the go.
  • Oregano, thyme and olive oil will add a little Italian flavor.
  • A little garlic salt and butter—yum!
  • A little salsa goes a long way on Hungry Jack Hashbrowns.
  • Take Hungry Jack Hashbrowns on your next camping adventure.
  • No utensils—no problem! Add sour cream to the already Cheesy Hungry Jack Hashbrowns for a tasty
    dip to eat with tortilla chips.