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Hungry Jack® Casserole Potatoes

Hungry Jack Casserole Potatoes are creamy, rich, and delicious. A quick bake time and microwaveable options make it easy to serve a fast and tasty crowd-pleasing casserole.

Au Gratin Potatoes

Traditional Au Gratin potatoes make for a quick side dish. Learn more »

Cheesy Scalloped

Cheesy and delicious! Learn more »

Creamy Scalloped

Creamy on the inside, golden brown on the outside. Learn more »

Cheddar & Bacon Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes with cheesy cheddar and bacon. Learn more »


  • Garnish casserole potatoes with slivers of roasted bell pepper arranged in an attractive design.
  • Top casserole potatoes with shredded cheese during the last two minutes of baking.
  • Hungry Jack Casserole Potatoes are great for potlucks. Bake ahead of time, cool and refrigerate. Reheat in the oven or microwave just before serving.